Sunday, December 6, 2015

About Making a Song

I made a song with my friend last night. It was a good night. We went to a major retail coffee joint and got different beverages. Then we proceeded to his house, where music was to be made. All of this occurred after I schlepped my guitar amplifier down nine floors (luckily there was an elevator) and through a parking lot where my car was.

We began playing music. There were two songs we made. One was a bass melody my buddy had crafted on his own. The other was a guitar chord progression that I engineered on the spot. There was a feeling that we were creating something.

At one point, we decided to record a drum track. This was the most trying moment of the night because it's difficult to create a drum track when you don't have any drums. All we had to make our drum track was a piano. And the one we made ended up being pretty sweet. It was me playing the bass drum and a snare, and it was my friend who was playing the upper dynamic range of the hi-hats and lastly, the cowbell, which he intermittently put into the recording. It was a good addition.

My friend's friend came through the doorway. I thought it was an angry neighbor at first. We were playing at a high volume. It turned out to be someone else.

We capped the night off by finishing up our recordings of the first song, and then putting the preliminary elements together of the second song. It was a productive night.

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